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Assets Page

Clicking L2 Assets will redirect you to the assets you own on your Loopring L2 account.


In this window, you can see all your owned cryptocurrency tokens. Loopring currently only supports the Ethereum chain. This window will show you the ERC-20 tokens you own.
Sending and / or Receiving (see red box on image) assets are also available in this window.
Did you know?
You can Send to or Receive assets from L1 directly on this window! Just note that you are interacting within the Ethereum network.
*Transfer of assets using other networks may result in a loss.

My Investments

In this window, you will get an overview over which active investments you have on your wallet.
To subscribe to investments in the Loopring Ecosystem, check out Earn.

Red Packets

In this window, you will have an overview over which Red Packet assets can already be claimed (Brown Box).

Red Packet Plaza

The Red Packet Plaza is where you can see all the available public Red Packets.
Whenever the current time reaches the Start time printed on the Red Packet, you will be able to participate and claim the public Red Packet by clicking Open.