Easy Minting

Easy Minting Walkthrough

A. Access the Create NFT flow

B. Upload your file

C. Name your NFT

D. Choose a Collection

E. Enter a royalty percentage

Enter a number from 0 to 10 to indicate the royalty percentage. This is the percent of each sale of this NFT that will be collected as royalties.

Enter zero to indicate no royalties are to be collected.

F. Enter the amount to mint

Enter a number from 1 to 100,000 to indicate the number of NFTs that will be minted in the batch.

G. Enter a Description

H. Enter a custom property key and value

Each NFT can have up to five custom properties comprised of key and value pairs. These are not required, but they help add additional detail and make it easier for other applications to sort and rank the NFT.

Enter in a key name and value for the custom property.

I. Optionally add additional properties

J. Enter additional keys and values

K. Review the content policy

L. Upload metadata and create

M. Review fee details

Review the fee details, including the amount and fee token. To change which token will be used to pay the fee, click the small arrow to reveal the fee token options.

N. Select the fee token

Change the token used for the fee by clicking the appropriate button.

O. Final review

Review the NFT details, including the fee amount, fee token, and metadata details. If you wish to proceed to create the NFT, click the Create NFT button.

P. Confirmation and details

Once the NFT is successfully submitted, a confirmation window will appear.

Click the Txn Hash link to see details of the mint transaction, or click the Close button to exit the window.

Congratulations! You have successfully minted your NFT on Loopringโ€™s L2 Web app!

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