How to do your Loopring taxes with Koinly

As you can see from the guidance on the previous page, if you’re an active investor, identifying your taxable transactions and calculating your gains, losses and income can take hours. But not with Loopring & Koinly. Loopring connects to Koinly automatically to help you calculate your Loopring taxes and file with your tax authority in a fraction of the time. Here’s how it works in five simple steps:

  1. Sign up free or log in to Koinly.

  2. Connect to Loopring using your public address. You’ll also need to connect to any other blockchains, exchanges or wallets you use to calculate your entire crypto taxes correctly.

  3. Sit back - relax. Koinly will fetch your transaction data via API, identify your taxable transactions, and calculate your gains, losses and income.

  4. Head to the tax summary to check your tax liability. If there are any issues, check Koinly’s troubleshooting guides or get in touch for expert help.

  5. Download your crypto tax report and file with your tax office. Upgrade to a paid Koinly plan to download your crypto tax report. Better still, Loopring investors get an exclusive discount on Koinly plans!

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