Leveraged ETH Staking

Leveraged ETH Staking is now available on Loopring Pro!

CIAN protocol is a liquid staking derivatives (โ€œLSDโ€) focused yield strategy platform, where users could earn either through joining algorithmic strategy vaults or through building their own DeFi strategies using CIANโ€™s advanced automation tools.

The stETH/ETH leveraged staking strategy enables users to safely leverage stETHโ€™s staking rewards.

This strategy focuses on staking derivatives and protection/optimization tooling. By nature, this strategy is to use the user's asset as collateral to borrow ETH from lending platforms, then stake ETH in Lido to earn ETH staking interest.

By utilizing tools like Flashloan, it actually adds leverage to users' ETH investment. If only there is a positive APY diff between the borrowing rate and ETH staking rate, there will be additional earnings from this strategy vs. standard ETH staking.

0.02% exit fee is incurred, which will be charged at redemption time.

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