Beginner Mode

Walkthrough for Beginner Mode in Dual Investment

A. Swipe on Beginner Mode in the Dual Investment window

B. Choose which token you would like to invest in

C. Choose if you want to Buy Low or Sell High

D. Choose which token you would like to swap with if ever your order goes through

E. Select which pool you would like to subscribe

APY is the Annual Percentage Yield calculated with the expected returns on a specific pool.

Target Price is the price set for the order to go through. If you choose the Target Price closer to the token's current price, you will yield bigger results.

Term is the duration until the order is to be executed.

F. Enter the amount you wish to subscribe with

All of the amount entered will be swapped to the desired token if the order gets executed.

G. Check if the details are correct

Do note the subtext: Your token for investment will be locked until Settlement Date.

Congratulations! You have now successfully subscribed into Dual Investment.

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