Withdraw from L2 to L1

On the β€˜L2 Assets’ tab, you can withdraw assets from your Loopring L2 account back to Ethereum L1. Remember, a big virtue of zkRollups is that you can withdraw at anytime β€” your funds can never be stolen, frozen, or seized by Loopring.

Select the asset you want to withdraw and the amount. You can withdraw to a different address than your own; not just moving from your L2 to your L1, but from your L2 to a different L1. Either a different address of yours, or a friend, etc.

Click β€˜Send’ and you will be prompted to sign a message, and that’s it.

Due to the aggregation of a zkRollup, and since it’s an L2 to L1 interaction, withdrawals can take some time until the β€˜train wants to leave the station from L2 to L1’.

It can be 5 to 30 minutes to withdraw, or a few hours depending on a couple variables. With more activity on L2, it will actually be much shorter, since trains will leave the station more frequently as seats fill much quicker and more consistently.

There is a fee to process a withdrawal, since the Loopring relayer has costs in processing these withdrawals (compute power for the ZK proofs, and the overhead gas cost to publish a rollup block to Ethereum). This fee fluctuates with L1 gas fees, and is usually less than half the cost of token transfer on L1.

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