Bridge assets from your Layer 1 wallet to another Loopring Layer 2 wallet

It is now possible to bridge assets from any Layer 1 wallet to another wallet with Loopring Layer 2 activated.

L1 > L2 > other L2

Before this feature, users needed to deposit their Layer 1 assets to Loopring Layer 2 (same address) before transferring to another Loopring Layer 2. This, in effect, will charge the user two fees - by transferring L1 to L2 then L2 to other L2.

L1 > other L2

With this feature, you need not to pay double fees by directly transferring assets from your L1 to another Loopring Layer 2 wallet.

At the time of writing, Loopring only supports the Ethereum network. Any attempt to bridge using different networks may result in a loss.

Connect your Layer 1 wallet to the website and you can now bridge your assets from L1 to L2.

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