"Force Withdraw" my tokens to L1

What is Force Withdraw?

Any user who accidentally sends tokens to a recipient wallet that does not support Loopring L2 can withdraw those tokens to the same L1 address by using Force Withdraw, allowing the tokens to be retrieved, subject to an L1 gas fee.

When should I use Force Withdraw?

Users often transfer tokens from their existing Loopring L2 wallet to another address, rather than withdraw the funds to L1 due to higher gas fees. In other words, the transferred tokens are moved from their Loopring L2 wallet to a different Loopring L2 address. Sometimes, Loopring L2 may not be supported by the recipient, certain wallets or centralised exchanges or the recipient may not have a Loopring L2 account and prefer the funds on L1. In such an instance, the funds are not lost but can be moved from the Loopring L2 address to Ethereum L1 using the "Force WIthdraw" function. A pre-requisite of using the "Force Withdraw" option is that the Loopring L2 address that the funds have been sent to has never been activated previously.

How do I use Force Withdraw?

To use force withdraw, you simply need to go to https://loopring.io/, launch the app and connect your Loopring wallet. This can be either your existing Loopring Smart Wallet, Metamask, Gamestop, or other non-custodial wallets you have used previously with Loopring.

Once your wallet is connected, you will need to Unlock your wallet by signing/approving the message received in your wallet.

Once your wallet is unlocked, you can:

  1. Click on the Profile icon.

  2. Click on Security.

This brings up the menu with the Force Withdraw option.

Once you click on Force Withdraw, a new window opens.

  1. Enter the wallet address of the wallet to which the tokens that need to be moved to L1 were sent.

  2. Keep in mind that you'll need enough funds in your connected Loopring wallet to pay the L1 gas fee. The fee can be paid using tokens from your L2 in ETH, USDT, LRC, DAI, or USDC.

  3. Once the details have been correctly entered, click on Force Withdraw and then wait for the L2 transaction block to complete, which could take up to a couple of hours, before the funds are available on L1 at the address entered.

Force withdraw can only be used when tokens are sent to a wallet that does not have Loopring L2 activated. Otherwise, you will receive the following error. The recipient should use normal withdrawal from their Loopring wallet to move the tokens from L2 to L1 in such an instance.

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