Finding the highest earning pools on Loopring

Under ‘AMM Pool’ on ‘Earn’, here you’ll see the liquidity in each pool, the volume, and if there are any LRC liquidity mining or other incentive programs.

All of this ultimately leads to an APR (annualized percentage rate) column, so you can see the expected return you’d earn from being an LP in that pool.

To learn more about liquidity mining on Loopring L2, read this. There are liquidity incentives provided in LRC and other tokens for certain AMM pools. These incentive campaigns change in 28-day cycles, so keep an eye on the AMM pools page and our Discord for updated APRs and cycles.

If you’re interested in liquidity mining, all you have to do is be a Liquidity Provider in the relevant pools. There’s nothing more to do. Just hodl!

The liquidity mining rewards are automatically sent to accounts on L2 at the end of the 28-day cycle.

Did you know?

There are also rewards for traders! Users with high swap volume in a given pool are rewarded. Check out for a golden Loopring logo badge to learn which pools are being incentivized and with how much in rewards. This also changes in 28-day cycles.

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