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Swap Assets

Swap, Orderbook, and On/Off-ramp


Swap or simple trading takes the market price and trades your token with the other one whichever pair you trade with.
Less popular tokens may have poor liquidity. Poor liquidity can lead to big price impacts in which you may receive less assets than what you expected to.
Always check the trade summary before proceeding!
Swap in LRC/ETH pair

Order Book

Order book or advanced trading provides graphs and indicators for the user's benefit. This tools will help them to decide when it is a good trade or not. The order book graph updates by the minute to help users get into their trades as accurately as possible.
It is also possible to set limit orders on this window (see lower left box).
After successfully setting a limit order, this will appear on the Open Order (see bottom box) portion while the order is unsettled.
Trading activity within the selected pair is also reflected on the Order book box (center left) and Trades box (right-most) where most recent trades are logged.

Assets On- and Off-ramp

Get your assets to and from your traditional bank account using the on- or off-ramp feature.
Currently, Banxa and Ramp are partnered with Loopring to provide this feature.
On-ramp your traditional bank assets to Loopring L2 using Ramp or Banxa and off-ramp your crypto assets to your traditional bank using Banxa.
Did you know?
Ramp offers an off-ramp service too for your Layer 1 assets. This is not available on the website as the website only supports L2 interface.
The Loopring Smart Wallet supports this feature! Head onto this article to learn more.