Remove liquidity from an AMM pool

On the ‘My Investments’ tab, you will see ‘My AMM Liquidity’ which shows you the pools currently have assets in. You can go ahead and click ‘Redeem’.

You will be prompted to decide how much of your assets you want to withdraw from that pool. Decide the amount, which effectively means redeeming your LP tokens for that portion of the underlying two tokens.

You will see the amount of each token you will be getting back in return. Please note that there is a very small fee when removing liquidity from a pool!

This amount you are removing includes any fees you have earned throughout your time providing liquidity. LP fees (0.2%) automatically accrue to the pool every time someone swaps with that pool. This enlarges the pool for all LPs, so when you remove your liquidity, you are taking your share of the fees with you.

There is a fee to remove liquidity from the AMM pool. This is because the operation, even though done on L2, has a smaller corresponding L1 gas cost. So the cost varies with gas prices on L1. At time of writing, it is 0.01005 ETH.

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