Method A

NFT metadata without collection_metadata key/value pair

If the NFT being minted does not have a "collection_metadata" key/value pair in its metadata json file, a collection will be selected from the mint GUI.

If you've already created a collection you wish to use for this NFT, skip to A. Otherwise, proceed to Create Collection.

A. Navigate to the Create NFT Landing page

B. Access the Advanced Creation flow

Select Hasn't generated metadata with collection_metadata field.

C. Choose the collection

Click the Next button to proceed.

D. Enter the NFT metadata's IPFS CID

Click the box to acknowledge the risk.

E. Enter the amount to mint

Enter a number from 1 to 100,000 to indicate the number of NFTs that will be minted in the batch.

F. Review fee details

G. Select fee token

H. Final review

Review the NFT details, including the fee amount, fee token, and metadata details. If you wish to proceed to submit the NFT, click the Create Your NFT button.

I. Sign to approve

Once the NFT is successfully submitted, a confirmation window will appear.

Click the Txn Hash link to see details of the mint transaction, or click the Close button to exit the window.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your NFT on Loopringโ€™s L2 Web app!

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