Connect to Loopring L2

Loopring gives you the opportunity to trade in low-cost fees while still enjoying Ethereum-level security.

The Loopring web app will grant you access to the Loopring decentralized exchange (DEX) enabling you to trade, swap, stake your assets and many more!

A. Navigate to the Loopring DApp

B. Click Launch App and you will be redirected to this page

C. Click Connect Wallet and choose which wallet is applicable

D. Activate Loopring L2

If this is your first time using Loopring L2, you will be prompted to activate your Loopring Layer 2 account.

You will be depositing a small amount to your Loopring L2 and this transaction will automatically activate your Loopring L2 account.

E. Add assets and activate

  • Buy With Card - You can purchase cryptocurrency directly to your Loopring L2 account with the help of our on-ramp partners, Ramp and Banxa.

  • From My L1 Account - If you connected a wallet with funds in it (Ethereum network), you are able to use them to deposit and activate your Loopring L2 account.

  • From Another L1 Account - This could be another wallet which is used to deposit assets onto your Loopring L2 other than the wallet you connected to the website.

  • From Another Loopring L2 Account - Receive assets from an already activated Loopring L2 account, they also have the option to pay for your activation fee!

  • From An Exchange - Deposit assets to your Loopring directly from a Centralized Exchange.

Congratulations! After successfully funding your Loopring Layer 2 account, you can now access the Loopring dApp and all its features!

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